Eclectic and bespoke community bursting with history.

Welcome to Harlem

Eclectic and bespoke community bursting with history 
The neighborhood of Harlem is located in Upper Manhattan, New York City — a location that gives residents direct access to Fifth Avenue and Central Park North. Harlem’s sidewalks and public transportation make it easy to walk to restaurants and grocery stores, and its culture and dynamic vibe bring people in from all over.
Harlem was officially founded in 1658 with Dutch roots and is named after the Netherlands city Harlem. It was originally settled with the goal of it being farmland. As New York City’s population grew, so did the number of people moving to Harlem. The historical economic ups and downs, such as the recession, affected the city, but all of this history has developed the neighborhood into what it is today. 
All types of homes are available in Harlem, but the neighborhood is primarily filled with large apartment buildings and beautiful brownstones. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’ll be right at home in Harlem.

What to Love

  • Home to the Apollo Theater and historic jazz clubs
  • Over 20 green spaces to explore
  • Trendy and walkable restaurants, shops, parks, and entertainment venues


The vibe in Harlem is unique, making it a bespoke area to call home. If you’re into intimate clubs, the city’s best soul food, and swanky bars, then Harlem is a neighborhood you’ll want to explore. This eclectic vibe brings in a diverse group of residents that continue to contribute to the neighborhood’s vibrant dynamic. With a distinctive and rich local tapestry including Jazz music and poetry, soul food and art, Harlem is a one-of-a-kind Manhattan neighborhood. 

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

Harlem is known and respected for its intimate jazz clubs, unique eateries, and charming bars. The neighborhood is bursting with character and history, which is reflected in its dining, shopping, and entertainment scene.
Living in Harlem gives you access to major department stores, but shopping locally has its economic and stylish benefits. Harlem Haberdashery is a local boutique specializing in unique clothing and accessories, with a Harlem Renaissance vibe. Visiting this family-owned and operated business will give you one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t be able to find anywhere else. 
Harlem is known for its soul food, and Sylvia’s has been one of the neighborhood’s landmarks since 1962. Known as “The Queen of Soul Food,” Sylvia’s serves up some of the best Southern comfort food in the city. Another local favorite is Red Rooster, a restaurant serving stylish and creative comfort food. When in Harlem, you won’t go hungry. 

Things to Do

Harlem’s heritage, culture, and bespoke vibe extend beyond its shops and food. The neighborhood hosts several festivals to celebrate the diverse community and is home to numerous parks that provide residents with gorgeous spaces to relax and explore. 
One of the neighborhood’s most famous events is Harlem Week. This annual event is a celebration of all things Harlem, promoting its diverse history and rich contribution to the arts. This event began in 1974 and has been drawing residents in ever since. Harlem Week is now a month-long festival. This year’s theme is Rebirth, Rebuild, Rejoice.
Harlem is home to six major parks, including Marcus Garvey Park and Morningside Park. These spacious parks and large green spaces provide a refreshing retreat from the concrete jungle. You will find several things to do throughout these six parks and unique places to explore, such as sports courts, playgrounds, swimming pools, amphitheaters, lakes, a historic house, and even a carousel.
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