Hudson Heights

A peaceful and hidden residential gem where you can have it all.

Welcome to Hudson Heights

A peaceful and hidden residential gem where you can have it all
You can have it all in Hudson Heights. This residential neighborhood located within Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan provides residents with a peaceful retreat to the luscious parks and green spaces and views of the Hudson River. A professional career in the city with a spacious apartment in Hudson Heights is the perfect combination.
The name Hudson Heights began to identify within the Washington Heights area of Upper Manhattan in the 1990s, after years of change and development. Today, this neighborhood is filled with annual festivals, local shopping, delicious restaurants, and numerous parks. 
Hudson Heights has all housing options available but is mostly occupied with apartment buildings. These buildings have maintained the Art Deco style that was designed in the early to mid-1900s. 

What to Love

  • The Cloisters museum, which displays art from the Met
  • Access to Fort Tryon Park and its ample activities for all
  • Local shops, restaurants, and festivals embracing the neighborhood’s culture 


Hudson Heights is a hidden gem. Its beautiful views and calm demeanor provide residents with a wonderful area to live and work. With an abundance of pre-war properties, Hudson Heights creates a stunning backdrop for life. 

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

While the neighborhood is small, the options to shop and dine are plenty. Hudson Heights is home to local shops and restaurants, enhancing the community. Café Bark is a dog-friendly café and pet boutique guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It’s the perfect indoor spot to hang out with your dog and other furry friends. 
The culinary scene in Hudson Heights is mouth-watering. The Italian hideaway, Saggio, serves delicious, handmade plates of pasta. If you’re looking for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, grab a cup of coffee at Café Buunni. With a coffee bar serving Ethiopian brews and baked goods, you’ll be set for the whole day.

Things to Do

The selection of parks and festivals draws residents in and keeps them loving Hudson Heights. Although Hudson Heights offers a more relaxed lifestyle, the culture and charm of the city are still present. 
The Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park is an annual event held to bring Middle Age customs and spirit to life. This major festival brings over 65,000 visitors to the neighborhood and is filled with performers, guests, authentic music, dance, magic, and even jugglers and jesters. It’s a well-known event you won’t want to miss. 
The plentiful parks and a historic ambiance make people fall in love with Hudson Heights. This neighborhood provides residents with tranquility and a slower-paced lifestyle. Fort Tryon Park is home to wildlife and holds a little taste of history. The green spaces to explore are endless in Hudson Heights and perfect for all ages. 
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