Upper East Side

Best known for upscale real estate.

Welcome to Upper East Side

An upscale neighborhood with affluent roots.
Some of America’s most famous families have made their homes on the Upper East Side: the Roosevelts, Kennedys, Rockefellers, and Carnegies were all real-estate pioneers in the early 1900s and developed the neighborhood into a beautiful and posh place to live.
Although the Upper East Side is best known for upscale real estate, well-known prep schools and designer boutiques, affordable apartments and relaxed living are easy to find in this quiet and bright neighborhood.

What To Expect

An affordable and spacious apartment for those who require it.
The Upper East Side moves at a slower, more relaxed pace than other neighborhoods in Manhattan.

The Lifestyle

Playtime in Central Park, constant culture at your fingertips, and a fun and accessible nightlife.
Central Park becomes your playground when you live on the Upper East Side.

The Market

Reasonable apartments for diverse budgets, and expansive townhouses for a higher cost.
The Upper East Side real estate is the stuff of legends, especially townhouses and luxury doorman buildings on Fifth, Madison, and Park Avenue.

You'll Fall In Love With

Staying close to home - everything you need is in this sprawling, self-contained Manhattan retreat.
Although the Upper East Side can feel far away from the rest of the city, you’ll be so taken by the beauty of this quiet, lush neighborhood that you probably won’t mind.
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