West Village

Known for its stunning brownstones, co-ops, and condos.

Welcome to West Village

A beloved pocket of lower Manhattan.
The West Village has been the center of the bohemian lifestyle since the early 1900s when it was a favorite of writers like Allen Ginsberg and artists like Diane Arbus. Its nooks and crannies held bookstores and cafes that inspired and delighted the city’s great thinkers.
The West Village is a destination for shopping, nightlife, and daytime strolls along winding streets. With colonial brownstones, towering trees, and stylish residents, the West Village can sometimes feel like a real-life New York City movie set.

What To Expect

Those who want a neighborhood that’s mellow and laid-back, but never dull.
The West Village is filled with picturesque blocks reminiscent of photos from an old NYC scrapbook.

The Lifestyle

Lazy strolls along the tree-lined streets and stylish cafes at every crisscrossed corner.
Cobblestone streets and greenery make the West Village feel like an intimate, communal neighborhood.

The Market

Brownstones, mid-rise co-ops, and walkups. Low vacancy rates lead to high demand for inventory.
The West Village is known for its stunning brownstones, co-ops, and condos.

You'll Fall In Love With

The small-town European vibe.
You’ll fall in love with the effortless grace of the West Village and its residents - especially those on four legs.
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