Catalyst April 2022 Newsletter

Catalyst April 2022 Newsletter

  • The Catalyst Team
  • 05/3/22

...Rising Interest Rates!

Interest Rates continue to be top of mind for buyers. But before everyone panics, it's important to always look at the full picture. 


Here are the TOP THREE financial factors
to consider when buying in NYC:



When you buy a home your mortgage payment can change over time. How?  Through re-financing at lower interest rates or paying down a very large chunk of your principal balance then re-forecasting your home loan. 



When you buy you have a combination of fixed monthly costs coming to you in the way of property taxes and your individual apartment's charges for building costs.  This is typically shown as maintenance or common charges on a property  and covers running costs of the building you are buying in like water, sewage, insurance, staff, maintenance, underlying mortgage, property taxes (in co-ops) and more. 
These costs ONLY GO UP! 



Too many people you know will say "I wish I bought when..."  Not knowing the future is the biggest reason people hold off on buying and then have regrets later.  Right now in NYC we are recovered from Covid and are back to 2019 pricing.  Meaning, we have not had a gain in value from our pre-Covid sales market for most of the city's properties.  We expect pricing to only continue to go up over the next few years. The median price of a NYC apt in March 2019 was 1.21M and in March 2022 was $1.175M. So, if you are buying in 2022, in our opinion you are still winning by purchasing in a recovering market.




It means you should always do the math!  Let's use one of our properties as an example that has low monthly housing costs.

If you buy this apt at $789,000 with super low monthly housing costs of $1146 per month vs something selling at the same exact price with $2000 a month housing costs you win in the long run. 

Buying this home at 5.375% interest the monthly payment is: $4,682.  Let's say the rates go back down to 3.75% and you refinance, your monthly payment is now $4069.  This illustrates how you can reduce your payment over time.  

If the monthly housing costs were $2000 vs $1146, then no matter what you refinance to your payment is always going to be $854 more a month for a property the same price as this one with a higher maintenance.  

So, even though property values will for sure go up over time, you are stuck with the higher maintenance for the long haul with no way to reduce that fixed cost.  The math is always better for you with lower monthly housing costs, rather than math on different interest rates.

The last time interest rates hit 5% was in 2009. Read our blog to understand our 2022 strategies to working in a higher rate market. Check out our most recent blog post HERE.

Founder & CEO of Compass Robert Reffkin 

Daoud Heidami and Beth Gittleman recently met with Rob Reffkin after his travels visiting with Compass agents around the nation to discuss the current state of our market. 

Our discussions centered around how housing prices have dramatically increased throughout the country, while Manhattan prices have not seen as steep an incline. The combination of higher rental prices, the return of the pied-a-terre buyer, and steadily rising interest rates have continued to foster a sense of momentum here. 

Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

If this is the kitchen life you are looking for, you can have it as it's available for sale now, so let us know! 

 Home building plunged after the Great Recession and remained at a recessionary pace long after the economy and job market had recovered. Today there is a plethora of newly built condo inventory to choose from. The NYTimes reports that rising rates will not affect the competition in the market this spring here.


If you're not seeing homes worth your while -

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